Plans For Appalachian Wildlife Center

The Appalachian Wildlife Foundation is announcing additions to the Appalachian Wildlife Center opening in 2021. The Appalachian Wildlife Center is a 12,000-acre reserve located off Kentucky Highway 119, already abounding in wildlife, including elk, bear, and bobcat.”We see elk pretty much every day. I’ve seen as many, I’ve seen as many as one-hundred in an afternoon,” says David Ledford, CEO Appalchain Wildlife Foundation. Several additions will be added by the opening in a couple of years, including updated nature trails, a monument park, classrooms, and an open-air and petting zoo. Officials say the zoo will include at least 15 different animals and up to six raptors from Appalachia says officials. The main level is going to have three museums, a theater, and a 300 seat restaurant.

Source: MG News

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