More Jobs For Eastern KY

Officials made a recent announcement that Dajcor Aluminum will be coming to Perry County, bringing in about 250 jobs. “We are revitalizing our region through this announcement,” says Industry Liaison for EKCEP Trish Adams. Adams says this company will do a lot more than just bring jobs to the area, it will also help out the local businesses. “We feel like it’s going to help small businesses grow and that we are going to see some more startup business,” explained Adams. Doug Jones is the owner of Rental Pro in Hazard and says when he heard about the announcement, he knew it was the right fit for Perry County. “I think its a really good opportunity for the local miners, we have a lot of guys who were skilled in heavy industries,” says Jones.Adams says EKCEP will be hosting a job fair for Dajcor Aluminum in the near future.

Source: MG News

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