Mid-Term Election Results For KY

2018 Mid-term election results locally for KY include U.S. District House 6 Republican Andy Barr 51% defeating Democrat Amy McGrath 48%, State House District 74 Republican David Hale 51% defeating Democrat James Davis 49%, State House District 91 Cluster Howard and Incumbent Gary “Toby” Herald are tied at 50%. For Powell County Clerk, Democrat Jackie Everman has defeated Republican Megan Daniels Wells, Powell County Judge Executive James Anderson Jr. has defeated Charles Faulkner. In the race for Breathitt County Clerk Democrat Becky Curtis has defeated Shawn Thatcher. For Breathitt County Sheriff John Hollan has defeated his challenger and in the race for Jackson County Mayor Laura Thomas has defeated Stephen Bowling.

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Nov. 7, 2018 5:30 AM CST
by kjohnson

Source: MG News

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