Madison County Kids Gets Special Pumpkins

Scott Anderson, Madison County Schools Food Service Director, is bringing the pumpkin patch to Madison County Schools this week as truck-loads of pumpkins are dropped off to area schools.For the second year in a row, Anderson is providing for those in the county who need it most – the students.“We know we have students whose parents can’t afford to give them a pumpkin for Halloween, so we thought it would be a nice opportunity to give them a pumpkin to take home,” Anderson said. He also hopes the pumpkins will serve as a learning tool for students and their families that the vegetable is not just for jack-o-lanterns but that it can also be used as a delicious treat. Anderson said the area cafeterias will be serving dishes focused on the squash, such as pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin butter and more.

Source: MG News

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