Helping You Steer Clear Of Car Break-Ins During the Holidays

Police say there is an uptick in car break-ins when people are out shopping for Christmas presents.While you are looking for presents inside stores, thieves are doing the same in parking lots.”It’s a crime of opportunity a lot of times,” said Hazard Police Cheif Minor Allen. Police say the biggest targets for thieves are people who leave their cars unlocked or leave valuables in plain sight.”Anything laying back there has some kind of value to it,” said Allen.It might not be your items but your identity someone wants to steal.”With mail, or whatever, it is a good opportunity for someone to take advantage of that as far as identity theft is concerned,” said Allen.A phone number, address, and name displayed in your front seat could leave you falling victim to a crime.Police say to lock up, cover items, and put items in your trunk when you can.

Source: MG News

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