“It’s gone.”

These two words express the loss West Liberty, KY experienced on March 2. About 6pm, a large EF-3 tornado swept into downtown and flattened it. Less than an hour later, a second tornado wiped out a large portion of Salyersville, KY. Other areas have been devastated as well.

Mountain Gospel is committed to disaster response and to aid in recovery and rebuilding. We are assisting through our partnership churches, organizations, and emergency relief groups. We are operating in three counties, and have sent relief workers to several smaller communities which are not receiving the same attention and assistance as the larger towns.

Several of the major organizations have come and gone, but Mountain Gospel will continue to assist from beginning to completion. Needs are still great, both for supplies and equipment as well as financial assistance. For more information and to find out how you can partner with Mountain Gospel in disaster response, call us at 606-666-5006 or 1-800-337-5006. Ask for Dan Lorimer (General Manager) or David Boleratz (Disaster Response Coordinator).