Beshear Warns Against Mass Gatherings Over Easter Weekend

Gov. Andy Beshear warned Friday that anyone attending gatherings will be ordered to quarantine for two weeks as he announced another single-day high number of virus cases in Kentucky on Friday.

The governor took the tougher step against mass gatherings in an attempt to contain the virus’s spread.

A few Kentucky pastors signaled in recent days that they intended to go ahead with in-person services despite Beshear’s constant warnings that churches should switch to virtual services or other ways for people to practice their faith and protect public health.

Under the new tougher action, people seen participating in gatherings in Kentucky this weekend will have their license plates recorded by authorities, who will provide the information to local health departments, Beshear said.

Health officials will follow up by going to each participant’s home with an order that they go into quarantine for 14 days, he said.

Source: MG News

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